Welcome to commetis

We want to increase your innovation potential and your productivity by improving the collaboration and communication of your employees and partners by using social technologies. The following animation illustrates how we believe social collaboration can help you.

This is Paul.

And Helen.

They work
on the same floor

and talk about their work
and projects a lot.

So do Tom

and John.

But they are located
in a different building
of the company.

And Nick,
and Peter
work abroad.

They don't
even know
Paul and Helen.

Wouldn't it be great,

if they all could
share their experiences,
knowledge, ideas
and know-how?

This is where we step in:


Commetis is an independent consulting company specialized in the introduction of social business concepts and new communication and collaboration technology. Commetis was founded in February 2013 and is 100% owned by CSI Consulting AG.

In case you need more information about our services and methodology, please visit our What we do and How we do it sections or contact us.